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Diagnosing patients in our current environment can put physicians at risk and requires use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment includes gloves, masks, gowns, etc which is either disposed of, or at the very least, sterilized after each use. The increase in demand for PPE has caused shortages which leaves physicians in a tough place, sometimes requiring risking exposure in order to diagnose patients. Gent.MD is a service designed to reduce this exposure by giving physicians the ability to remotely visit with and assess the patients condition.

Telemedicine can reduce usage of PPE

The concept we are presenting here is not new, but the implementation is. This is a web based service for managing and initiating remote video chat sessions. Exam rooms would require a display with a camera (called a 'remote' in this application), while the physician would simply use their personal PC, also with a webcam. Once logged in, the physician would be able to see all the connected exam rooms with the ability to initiate a video chat at any time.

Gent.MD dashboard

This service is currently in Beta and is freely available for use while we all grapple with the Covid-19 outbreak.

Create an account to get started here:

For assistance with getting the app running with your new or existing digital signage, please contact us at We are happy to help.

Staying on top of COVID-19 related information and news is important as this situation changes rapidly. Here are some options for including relevant news within your signage.

Using the RSS Slideshow gadget

Within your template, add a Gadget zone and select RSS Slideshow

Select the RSS Slideshow gadget

Then select a health related news feed, (CNN Health, BBC Health)

Choose a health related news feed

3rd Party Content

Content aggregators like ScreenFeed have put together free feeds for COVID-19 related news:

ScreenFeed supports Media RSS as well as HTML.

  • To use RSS you may add your ScreenFeed RSS link to any media playlist in your Revel Digital account. The content will automatically be in-lined with your other playlist content.
  • To use the HTML content, add a HTML zone to your template and assign the URL generated from ScreenFeed.

Use your ScreenFeed link as the Web Zone URL

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus we thought it would be beneficial to help source some content regarding public awareness and advice. The World Health Organization has video and images available here: We suggest downloading these and adding to your content playlists where possible.

The following images have been resized to match full screen playlists.

Click on this image, then right click to Save

Click on this image, then right click to Save

Click on this image, then right click to Save

Now available in our Gadget gallery is a Traffic map gadget for displaying current traffic conditions. 

Traffic map along with other zones of informational content
Just add a gadget zone to your template, select the Traffic Map, and either use your current player device location or enter a custom location. Traffic conditions will update automatically.

Traffic Map gadget available in the Gadget gallery
Combine this gadget with weather, news, and events for a complete informational kiosk perfect for hotels, airports, or shopping centers. As with our other gadgets there is no additional charge for this content.

Have an idea for other types of gadgets? Let us know!

We have reworked the RSS slideshow to improve the aesthetics along with adding support for images embedded in the feed. The new gadget also has a drop-down list of popular RSS feeds making it easy to find and switch sources.

New RSS slideshow gadget with support for images
As with all of our gadgets you will find it in the Gadget gallery, just add a gadget zone to your template, then click Select Gadget.

Add any number of gadgets to your template

Have a suggestion for a gadget? Send us a note and we will consider it. You can always create your own as well - check out our developer docs for more information.

We wish everyone a happy holiday season and look forward to a great 2020! Not that it went anywhere, but we have re-introduced our holiday themed content for use in your signage.

You will find a new template in the Template Gallery, as well as a couple Gadget options for displaying an Christmas countdown. These Gadgets can be embedded into any template, or used within a playlist.

Countdown gadget with background variation #1

Countdown gadget with background variation #2

An easy method for adding a gadget to your playlist is by using the Gadget Wizard as the following video demonstrates. Once the Gadget as been created it can be added to your Multimedia playlists.

Another simple option for sourcing holiday themed content is to use our Stock Photo/Video option in the Media section. Stock photos is found in the New Media menu shown here.

Stock photos and videos available here

Search and select to add to your media collection

Use the search options to find an image or video you like and simply add to any template or playlist as a background. The same functionality can be found within the template editor by adding a Static Image zone.

Thanks for using Revel Digital and Happy Holidays!