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There is a planned service outage on Monday, May 30th during which there will be no access to the CMS or API. We anticipate 2-3 hours of downtime starting around 10PM CST.

Please note, this update has a few important considerations:

  • There will be an IP change associated with this maintenance.
    The new IP range is
    Please make sure to add this to your firewall whitelist, if necessary, for both player devices and CMS access.
  • 2FA (Two-factor authentication) will be reset and requires setup in order to re-enable. The new setup process is simple and largely the same. Please see this KB article for more details.
Once the update is complete you will notice a change to the CMS login experience. Authentication is now handled by a dedicated service, independent of the CMS. This approach not only improves security, but also provides us more flexibility with using 3rd party identity providers.

CMS login page will change after the update

We appreciate your patience during this transition! Please feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns.

In light of the recent Log4J security advisory (CVE-2021-45105), we have performed a thorough review of all our systems and determined that we are not affected by this vulnerability. To be clear, none of our systems rely on the Java technology involved in this advisory. We understand our clients depend on us to be diligent and thorough in the security of our services and we take this responsibility very seriously.

For more information on this advisory, please reference here:

InfoComm is here! and Revel Digital will again be attending in partnership with ViewSonic. We will be showcasing the flexibility of our digital signage platform with a number of live content presentations running on various ViewSonic powered displays. ViewSonic provides a huge array of display options for every vertical including signage, kiosks, gaming, workspace, education, home theater and more. Our partnership gives customers a full featured, end-to-end solution with the comfort factor of having decades of experience in the industry. Please take a minute and stop by, we'd love to say hi!

Booth Information:

About ViewSonic Corporation

In collaboration with leading software vendors, ViewSonic has developed a full suite of AV solutions ideal for conference room and classroom collaboration, hospitality and digital signage. Our ViewBoard® interactive flat panel displays encourage collaboration and build teamwork in any classroom or conference room, while our office monitors are designed to help you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Timing is everything, or at least goes a long way towards making a digital signage deployment successful. Concise, engaging content is of course very important, but equally important is getting that content in front of your audience at the right time.

Zapier automation for real-time triggers

The Revel Digital CMS includes a wide range of smart scheduling tools available for precise targeting of content based on various conditions including geo-location, face detection, motion sensing, etc. New to the mix is our recent integration with Zapier. Zapier is an automation tool with hooks into most any web based service platform you can think of such as Slack, Mail Chimp, and Google Calendar. With Zapier it's possible to not only trigger digital signage content in real-time, but also modify content with data provided by the trigger itself.

This works by utilizing a condition available to Revel's Smart Scheduling engine known as a command. Commands can be generated in a number of ways including our REST API, player script, or in this case using Zapier.

The command will provide the trigger for inclusion of a media item within a playlist, but may also be utilized by the player to modify runtime behaviors or content. With the Revel Digital Zapier integration, it's now possible to automate the delivery of a command to your digital signage players based on any of the thousands of apps available in the Zapier library.

Let's check out a few examples

A simple example is triggering content based on a weather condition. In this case we want to include certain content in our playlist only when it's forecast for rain. We won't detail the entire integration procedure here, but there is a complete walkthrough available on our support site here:

From the Zapier account homepage you can search the available apps and get an idea of what's possible. For our weather example we can utilize the Weather by Zapier app along with our Revel Digital app as shown in the screenshot here.

In this case the Zap will be configured to send the command weather with the argument rain. We can then add a schedule condition to any item in our playlist with those parameters and we are done. Only when the player receives this command will it play the media item with this condition.

#Slack messages for the masses

Another great example is using Zapier to trigger and modify content in real-time. In this example we can use the Slack Zapier app along with our Text template gadget.

Say for example you have a corporate Slack channel and any messages in this channel are to be displayed on the corporate signage network. Easy enough, just use the 'New Message Posted to Channel' event to trigger a command. 

The message body from Slack will be used to update the Text zone within your signage template!

Thousands of automation possibilities

There are more than 3000 partner apps available on Zapier, any of which can be used in combination with the Revel Digital app in some form or another. Head over to to check them out!

We've recently made some changes to our automated alerts functionality affecting which devices are targeted depending on your configuration. In the original configuration all devices were targeted by default with the ability to exclude specific devices. The new configuration tool has a toggle for selecting all devices, with the ability to target specific devices if necessary. We've also added the ability to create multiple sets of configurations. This allows or more fine grained control over which devices receive which alerts, as well as the ability to suspend alerts if necessary. 

Improved automated alerts tool allows for more than one configuration

If you are currently using the Automated Alerts functionality we suggest you review your configuration for accuracy. Please contact us with any questions or for assistance.

Revel Digital now has native support for the Geniatech APC390R, an Android based mini PC with the capability of accepting HDMI input for picture-in-picture functionality. This allows for seamless integration of an external video source, such as live TV, directly within your digital signage. Most any HDMI v2.0 audio/video device is compatible such as a DVD player, cable/set-top box, satellite dish, game console, camcorder, security camera, PC, etc.

Embed any live video source

The video is treated as any other type of content zone within the Revel Digital template designer which allows you to be as creative as you like with your content. A common use case for this type of functionality is framing the video with contextual information or advertising.

Geniatech APC390R with HDMI input

The process of adding the HDMI video to your digital signage is very simple. Just add a TV Tuner zone to any template, select HDMI as the input type, then position and size the zone as needed. Then get creative by embellishing with other content such as slideshows, marquees, date/time, gadgets, backgrounds, overlays, etc.

Add an HDMI TV zone to your template

In order to utilize the HDMI input it's necessary to install a special build of our Android player APK. For more information on downloading and installation please see our KB article here: