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We've recently added a new tool for rolling out large scale digital signage deployments called Deployment Configurations. A deployment configuration is a small file which, when copied to a USB drive and inserted into players at registration time, will completely automate the registration process. Each configuration consists of a unique device name, preassigned device group, and a selection of preconfigured device settings. Each configuration file is digitally signed to prevent tampering and configurations can be deleted at any time preventing further registrations. With this new tool, device registration can be accomplished in just a few seconds without having to login to the CMS.

Deployment configurations

Check out our KB article for more details:

We've added a couple new gadgets to add some Christmas cheer to your digital signage. Both gadgets provide a countdown to Christmas with animation.

Variation 1

Variation 2

As with any of our gadgets, it's easy to add these either a playlist, or to any of your templates.

To add to a playlist, navigate to the Media section of your Revel Digital account and click New Media > Create Gadget. Follow the wizard to create the gadget, then add the item to any of your multimedia playlists.

To add to a template just copy the gadget URL listed below the images above, then add a new Gadget zone to your template and paste in the URL.

Announcing new software for utilizing Revel Digital as a screensaver on Windows PCs. Screensavers are a great option for corporate communications, and with the Revel Digital platform it's easy to schedule content by region, department, holidays, etc. The screensaver supports the majority of our standard player features including templated layouts, emergency alerts, all major media formats, smart scheduling, and gadgets for dynamic content such as weather and calendars. Content and feature updates are automatic - no administrative intervention necessary after the initial installation and registration.

Installation is easy:

Screen Saver Settings
Click Preview to generate a new registration code

Like to add some Halloween flair to your signage? check out this SVG animation by @uchardon. We have created a gadget which can be used in your playlists or templates.

Happy Halloween from Revel Digital!

Just select the Create Gadget option when adding new media, then select the Halloween gadget. Once the media has been created, you are free to add it to any multimedia playlist. Make sure your player apps are up-to-date since this functionality is only available to recent app releases.

To add to a template, create a new gadget zone, then use this gadget URL:

We have recently switched weather data providers which may affect your weather gadgets. If you notice weather is not displaying properly you may need to adjust the location property in your weather gadget. In some instances it may be necessary to add a comma between city, state, country, etc. For example, 'Fargo ND' will not return results, but 'Fargo, ND' will with the comma inserted between city and state. We hope this change will provide more accurate and reliable weather data.
Our new update window configuration tool allows admins to easily configure day parts for content updates. Devices in your account will update only when they are within the configured day/hour selections. Now content managers can make changes and not worry about devices refreshing during business hours. The new configuration is available in the Account section:

Highlight the hours allowed for content updates